Summer 2008
TE 846: Accommodating Differences in Literacy Learners
Developmental processes, instructional practices, and assessment principles that contribute to effective learning of reading and writing. Teaching methods for accommodating the different needs of individual literacy learners.
Instructor: Gary Troia

Fall 2008 
CEP 810: Teaching for Understanding with Computers
Integration of productivity tools and web-based resources in school settings to improve teaching and learning.
Instructor: Susan Way
CEP 811: Adapting Innovative Technologies to Education
Application of instructional principles and methods to educational problems in the K-12 classroom. Development of technological applications which are interactive, multisensory, and innovative.
Instructor: Susan Wright

Spring 2009
CEP 812: Applying Educational Technology to Problems of Practice

Applications of technology in K-12 settings. Define, implement, and evaluate technology-based solutions to educational problems in school settings.
Instructor: Susan Wright

Summer 2009
CEP 800: Psychology of Learning in School and Other Settings

Learning as active, socially-mediated construction of knowledge in school, home, community, and work settings. What is learned, how it is taught and learned, and what learners bring to the setting.
Instructor: Punya Mishra
CEP 815: Technology and Leadership
Professional development strategies. Project management, planning and evaluation. Relationship building. Ethical and social implications of technology integration.
Instructor: Punya Mishra
CEP 822: Approaches to Educational Research
Alternative methods of educational research. Identifying researchable problems in education and developing a research proposal. Applications of descriptive and inferential statistics for analyzing and critiquing published studies.
Instructor: Punya Mishra

Fall 2009
CEP 820: Teaching K-12 Students Online
Strategies for constructing and implementing online curricula aimed at K-12 students.
Instructor: Leigh Graves Wolf

Summer 2010
CEP 807: Proseminar in Educational 
Perspectives on educational technology, current theories, research findings, and methods of design and evaluation.
Instructor: Robin Dickson